Terraforming - photo by Adrianna GlavianoTerraforming is the theoretical process in which life on a planet becomes possible through the creation of an atmosphere. Terraforma is the manifest of our belief that new dimensions can now be terraformed. A three days festival where music is the catalyst: a timeless centre of gravity for energies, with a breaking point from which sounds and images create a sense of suspension capable of pointing us towards new perceptions. Terraforma innovates the concept of musical experience by emphasizing the relationship between event and impact, incubating moods and forms of sensibility durable in time. We want to breed a new concept of listening, to encompass everything that music expresses and reveals; let it be inside, around or outside us, our society and the world.
Terraforma takes place in the woods of Villa Arconati just outside Milan and involves artists who experiment new ways to reduce the distance between art and life. Music and its listening take man back to his natural frequencies where sense of rhythm is once again bound with the environment. Terraforma is organized according to sustainable practices, integrating aspects from production to consumption of resources. An organic structure where the musical aspect is integrated with installations crafted by artists and artisans, and where gatherings and workshops will provide opportunities for meditation, actively involving the public. The interlace of musical, artistic and environmental dimensions will form an atmosphere capable of stimulating the listener’s sensibility to think about the present and the future in a new way, a cultural innovation sprouting from respect of the other and of the environment.



Terraforma, throughout the years, aims to overcome the traditional events management approach, by developing an organizational model able to measure, report and eventually reduce its impacts on nature and its resources. The focus will progressively be on the following areas: waste, water, energy, transportation and supplies.

In 2016 we started a long term partnership with EticaSGR , with the purpose of developing such model into practice. The first year of collaboration will concentrate on waste, in terms of litter generated during the event and during set-up and dismantling operations. A 360° integrated waste management system will be implemented in order not only to collect and differentiate effectively our waste but also to reduce it in the first place.


Sustainability Model - photo by Adrianna GlavianoTerraforma is a conscious festival that arises from the woodlands, which recognizes the value of the natural environment and the importance of a sustainable coexistence between humanity and nature. As a result, we proactively commit towards the safeguard of the territory in which we operate by implementing an extensive gardening project.

Thanks to the engagement of a team of tree climbers, we trimmed over 60 centennial trees, to secure around two hectares of the forest. From 2016, we also started a 3 years program in collaboration with Borotalco, aimed to restore from scratch an historical Labyrinth, which was presumed to be present in the 18th century. The project, developed by Fosbury Architecture, will be concluded by 2018, for the fifth edition of the festival.

Other actions include land recovery, grey water collection system and extensive cleaning procedures. Through our actions we contribute to restore Villa Arconati historic garden.


ArchitectureOur sustainability approach is also reflected in our architectural model. We engage with our community, involving young professional architects such as Studio Zarcola and Studio Petrucci to develop our distinctive facilities, mostly made out of wood. Two perfect examples are the main stage and the workshop area, which became immediately two icons of the festival.

This approach allows us to minimize the impact of our building operations, as all the excess materials are reused to create secondary facilities such as tables, benches, bins, sinks and showers.

Another distinctive aspect of our approach consists in the engagement of students and young professionals, who are invited every year to take part in formative workshops and assist the architects in the building processes.

Artworks by 2015.vision x TERRAFORMA 2016