Introducing Terraforma Exo

Derived from Ancient Greek ἔξω, the prefix “exo” signifies a combining form meaning “outside,” “outer,” or “external,” used in the formation of compound words. Syntactically, the word implies the existence of a second term and a reciprocal relationship of subalternity within them both: to be outside of something means acknowledging what, conversely, is inside. The condition of “being outside” is not intended strictly as in direct opposition to “the inside,” but rather as an act, a process, a gesture, that leads from the core of anything to its surroundings.

The trajectory from the core to its surrounding environment is one of analysis: we assess what’s within and we project those characteristics outside. A similar approach has always been inherent to the ethos of Terraforma, an ecosystem that creates new possible dimensions within existing places and situations. As a natural progression of Terraforma’s original mission to create new spaces, Terraforma Exo will continue to infiltrate and adapt to new territories as a flexible and utopian organism.

Conceived as a curatorial intervention that expands outside of enclosed spaces to infiltrate new geographies, Terraforma Exo is a cultural program for and about the mind, the body, and the environment.

The first iteration of Terraforma Exo will unfold in June 2024 in Milan, and for two consecutive days, it will be residing within the framework of the Triennale, an institution that not only has championed radical ideas in the disciplines of design, architecture, and art for the past 100 years, but that also, by design, has acted as a network itself—conceptually, because of the interdisciplinarity of its programming and mission, and architecturally, because of its unique position within the biggest urban green ecosystem of the city, Parco Sempione, which has been the stage for numerous site-specific installations promoted by the institution.

A two-day curatorial program will feature guest lectures, installations, live performances, and panel discussions by leading thinkers, musicians, and artists who operate within the spectrum of sound and ecology.

Terraforma 2024 Agenda

With the new year, Terraforma announces and welcomes its new activities, exploring new dimensions that push forward the original format of the festival to a more dynamic and complex implementation. 

The biggest news is the announcement of a new curatorial format titled Terraforma Exo, expanding on the festival’s signature ethos, making site-specific experimentation the core of its new development. The first iteration of Terraforma Exo will unfold in June 2024 at Triennale in Milan, and for two consecutive days, it will be residing within the framework of Parco Sempione, a plural, green environment enclosed within the urban landscape, a dynamic ecosystem of cultures, people, and history.

In the second half of the year, Terraforma will be dedicated to starting a new, ambitious educational program called Radical School. The project will be inspired by avant-garde, radical, and unconventional learning experiences and will take over the original location of Terraforma Festival, Villa Arconati – FAR. This project sees the collaboration of Fondazione Augusto Rancilio, Space Caviar and AA – The Architectural Association School of Architecture in London.

Throughout the year, Terraforma will unfold new projects continuing some special collaborations. The Terraforma Vaia Stage will go on tour in Florence and Rome, and preceding another event format called “We Travel to Know Our Own Geography” presented on the occasion of the 60th Venice Biennale.

At last, Terraforma is set to participate in the experimental community-led festival Waking Life, designing and co-producing Praia, one of the festival’s stages. Waking Life takes place throughout the summer solstice, from June 19th to 24th in Crato, Portugal.