Terraforma was born in 2014 as an international festival of experimental music oriented towards sustainability. It was conceived as a platform for research and artistic experimentation, guided by core values of care and respect for both people and the environment. Inspired by the concept of terraforming—a theoretical process enabling life on a planet by creating a suitable atmosphere—the festival embodies our belief in forging new realms.

From its inception, Terraforma has catalyzed regenerative processes, facilitating the restoration and environmental redevelopment of Villa Arconati in collaboration with Fondazione Augusto Rancilio. This partnership aimed to reclaim and repurpose spaces within the historic garden, fostering a community in “terraformation” that could continue to benefit from these spaces over time.

The festival’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in its carefully curated lineup and approach, favoring policies such as the “one stage at a time”, ensuring a seamless and immersive musical experience for the audience, with no overlapping shows. Throughout the years, Terraforma has welcomed representatives of the global experimental music scene, including Laurie Anderson, Autechre, Suzanne Ciani, Laraaji, Jeff Mills, Caterina Barbieri and Charlemagne Palestine.

Terraforma pioneers satellite projects experimenting with diverse approaches and art forms across various cities and contexts. Among these, “Il Pianeta Come Festival,” a multifaceted creative incubator spanning Milan, Rome, and Paris; “Terraforma Symposium,” fostering open discussions to reflect on sustainability through new practices; and “Terraforma Journal,” an editorial project blending sound, art, ecology, and contemporary culture.

Today, Terraforma stands as a platform for experimentation in sound and ecology. A hub for cross-disciplinary cultural activities, fostering connections between local and international communities.