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Strada panoramica per l'osservazione
del fiume Irrawaddy
Stadio per grandi concerti pubblici all'ombra delle rocce della valle delle Ceneri
Tempio per danze erotiche da eseguire
o da osservare
Stadio a gradoni abitabili per l'osservazione accurata dell'acqua e del cielo

Il Pianeta come Festival is a new project by Terraforma which draws its inspiration and name from the iconic series by Ettore Sottsass from 1972. Through this project, Terraforma emerges from the experience of Villa Arconati to explore new topographies. The terraformation of new landscapes takes place within the research fields that always distinguished the festival: sound, architecture and sustainability. The project aims to reinterpret Il Pianeta come Festival through a series of visual, installative and performative interventions.

Alessandro Bava considers architecture a habitat-making practice which aims to deliver harmony, care, well-being and joy via the sustainable management of intellectual, emotional, and material resources. The architect defines this approach as 'androgynous'. Alessandro is interested in using the latest technology in design and building because he believes it can help improve the quality of the built world, while recuperating ancient ways of building which are often more in touch with their specific environments and climate. Bava doesn’t like formal experimentations and rather pursue simplicity and spatial quality achieved by good proportions and use of light. Alessandro Bava writes about the poetics, politics and technologies producing contemporary space.
Lars Holdhus is a Norwegian born artist and musician who deals with language, codes, infrastrastructure and ecology. Influenced by code, cryptography and self-referential complex systems, his approach to his practice and art-making in general is not in communication but an in-depth investigation that strives towards a goal of making its own system - often one that is self-referential, or an inversion of signs and signifiers that folds or collapse back in on themselves. Holdhus' works reflect a strong sense of rhythm, seriality and melody while his current topic is our relation to nature, how we can conserve it and become more aware of its significance. He is currently running a newsletter called Biota with David Ainley that focuses on ecology and practical solutions for a more sustainable life. He is also a producer of electronic music and is releasing music under the moniker TCF with a release out on Liberation Technologies, Ekster and YYAA Tapes.
Natália Trejbalová (Košice, Slovakia, 1989) lives and works between Milan and Bratislava. She participated in various group and solo exhibitions in different institutions and spaces such as Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH), Quadriennale di Roma (IT), Regional Art Gallery Liberec (CZ), L'Esprit Nouveau (IT), 35m2 (CZ), PAV Turin (IT), Regional Art Gallery Pardubice (CZ), Enclave Projects (GB), Gossamer Fog (GB), Galerie Charlot (FR), Fondazione Pini (IT), Case Chiuse (IT) and others. Trejbalová was also invited in residency by international institutions such as Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart, 2018); VIR ViaFarini in Residence (Milan, 2017); AIR Futura (Prague, 2016); SÍM Reykjavík (Iceland, 2015).
Piezo is a Milan-based electronic music producer, DJ and sound artist working at the intersection of UK techno, sound-system culture and mutant dance music. With his own label, Ansia, established in 2017, he focuses on releasing energetic dancefloor tools set apart by a distinctly humorous approach to composition and sound design. Currently on its 4th release, the label has become a cult favourite amongst some of the worlds most exciting DJs, with fans including Batu, Laurel Halo and Low Jack. Away from Ansia, Piezo has released music on Orson’s seminal imprint Version, as well as on highly-regarded British labels including Idle Hands, Swamp81 and Wisdom Teeth, proving his strong connection with the UK underground music scene, and more specifically with the Bristol scene – city where he lived for a few years. He is also active in the sound art / interactive installations field, having been commissioned to work on several projects for private collectors and arts institutions (like MUDEC museum) and collaborating with Milanese art duo Invernomuto.


Il Pianeta

Artifact and Terraforma present Il Pianeta come Festival.
Launching event with the artworks by Alessandro Bava, Natália Trejbalová, TCF; the soundscape by Piezo and a talk by Angela Rui.

The first intervention of our new project Il Pianeta come Festival intervention transforms Milan into a two weeks open-air exhibition, through a series of billboards place all around the city. The re-interpretations of Sottsass work commissioned to Alessandro Bava, Natália Trejbalová, Piezo and TCF, unveil through sound and visual elements, four utopian glimpses on a planet as a festival.

Il Pianeta

MACRO and Terraforma present Il Pianeta come Festival XL. The 24 hours program features the socio-political visual research of Terre Thaemlitz and Jeremy Deller through videos and a talk with the artists, a lecture by contemporary ecology philosopher Timothy Morton , a workshop by Presenturo’s theorist VIPRA , the extended djset by Paquita Gordon and a long duration piano performance of twenty hours of Satie’s Vexations curated by Ricciarda Belgiojoso. The opening features a site-specific intervention commissioned to the Finnish artist Jenna Sutela on the terrace of MACRO.

The technical partner of Il Pianeta come Festival XL is Alfonsi Pianoforti, the oldest piano
dealer in Rome. Since 1906, it is a reference point for every pianoforte and all pianists.