Max Eilbacher Residency at Terraforma Exo supported by SHAPE+

Terraforma Exo is a new cultural manifestation produced by Threes Productions, whose first edition will take place on June 15th and 16th in Milan’s Parco Sempione. Conceived as a curatorial intervention expanding beyond enclosed venues to explore new geographies, Terraforma Exo confronts the challenges of navigating contemporary cultural landscapes by facilitating moments of deep introspection and critical thinking. 

Artist Max Eilbacher was invited by Threes Productions to carry out a four-day residency in Milan in the context of Terraforma Exo. The residency was supported by SHAPE+. During the residency, Eilbacher collaborated with two local artists, graphic designer Nicolò Pellarin and musician Giuseppe Ielasi. 

The result of the residency can be summarised in four different outputs:

  1. Development of the “Pluck” Synthesizer System: Max Eilbacher developed a synthesizer system named “pluck” for the Modular Organ System installation, on view for two days during Terraforma Exo. Initially conceived as a simple digital string sound (Karplus Strong), “pluck” evolved into a complex compositional tool capable of generating timbrally complex just-intonation string sounds for a multi-channel speaker methodology.
  2. A live intervention during Terraforma Exo, in the context of the Modular Organ System installation and performance by Phillip Sollmann and Konrad Sprenger. 
  3. An artwork realized in collaboration with graphic designer Nicolo Pellarin and available for sale as a limited edition print. The artwork consists of a graphic signal flow/score inspired by a synthesis system Eilbacher used for the MOS intervention.
  4. An interview by Eilbacher to musician and composer Giuseppe Ielasi, published on t-mag.
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